Chicago Mafia Tour


We will travel back in time between the 1920s and 1940s, to learn a little about the frightening history of the Chicago mafia. Get on board on this adventure and time travel where the power and brutality of the gangsters surrounded the territories of the Irish Mafia in the north, and the Italian mafia in the south of Chicago. The tour guide will tell you the story in detail about how exactly happened the massacre of the couple’s days where the south gangsters (Al Capone) killed 7 members of the northern mafia (Dean Obenian).

We will also make a stop to take pictures at an iconic underground distribution point for alcoholic beverages known as the jazz bar (Green Mill), owned by Al Capone.

Finally, we will pass through some of the bars called in the Dry Law era “Speakeasy” that are still in operation today.

The tour is offered in Portuguese, Spanish and English.


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